Mark projects and points of interest that require attention, planning or action in WaldCursor.

Working outside, if something catches your attention you can set a marker in the WaldCursor map right away. Make a note of your observation and document it with a photo.

When reviewing your projects in the office you can also set the markers on the PC to indicate the points where you want your staff and partners to look or do something. This allows you to communicate your information and instructions with pinpoint accuracy.

The markers are displayed on the map in the WaldCursor and can be called up in a list with the exact geo-coordintaes so that you or your staff and partners know exactly where something needs to be done.

Docket – Digital Project Management

With our docket, you can easily do your project management in the area.

With a few clicks, you can define the area for your current project on the map, or upload a previously defined project area. Now you can start your project management from here. Colloborate with your employees and partners and keep your project updated with new entries. Each entry is tagged with an apropriate theme. ou can forward tasks with deadlines to the responsible employees and partners and add a photo if necessary. If a task is completed, this can be marked by placing a check mark.

This ensures that you always have an up-to-date overview of the current status of your projects. The ability to make unlimited entries creates a trackable history for each project. Thus WaldCursor offers a digital archive of pending and completed tasks and projects in the area.

My Maps

Project management in the field always requires precise information about the work areas and their immediate surroundings. For instance, it is crucial to determine whether the area is situated within or in close proximity to an FFH area or other designated protected areas. Similarly, having precise data about road network, gradients, and cadastral or parcel boundaries is beneficial while working in the field.

A considerable amount of this information can be found on maps.

On WaldCursor, you can upload such maps in the “My Maps” section to account for specific requirements at the start of project management while planning and deciding how to carry out tasks accordingly.

It is simple to create and upload the thematic maps on your own. Various sources can provide thematic maps, including GIS service providers, freely available data from online databases, or self-generated maps using tools like Google Earth.

Additionally, we will gladly create custom maps based on a specific theme as a service for you. Feel free to contact us.


When working in the field it is essential to accurately determine your current location, doing so will optimize taks completion. Thus the planned and marked tasks on the map can be classified and sorted on-site and under current conditions.

The WaldCursor enables you to accurately identify your current location in the field while also recording the trajectory of your movement. Thus you can also provide this information to your employees and partners.

Satellite Images

Quite often, looking from above creates an overview which can help planning and executing area-related projects. After major severe weather events or forest fires, an aerial view often offers a primary impression to adjust the current project planning to the new conditions.

In your WaldCursor account, you can easily access a time series of satellite images for your specified area. New images will be automatically added to your archive, starting from the images of the last twelve months. You will receive email notifications for these new additions.

The WaldCursor displays satellite images as RGB-Images or Vitality-Images. Vitality-Images show changes in the photosynthetic activity of plants. The WaldCursor also indicates negative changes after an initial image comparison based on this information.


Even during bid and project planning, easy access to a wide variety of sensors increases efficiency by integrating current “On-Site” data. In the same way, it also helps to document and monitor the success of the measures taken. Providing employees with easy access to current sensor data eliminates the need for them to conduct time-consuming and costly research on site.

Your WaldCursor account provides easy access to multiple sensors


Routes, Areas, Distances

Accurate distance and area measurement is essential for efficient areal project management.

In your WaldCursor account, you can take exact measurements on your maps and satellite images. Then, integrate the documented information directly into your planning. From the first quote, your cost planning can be based on valid data.


Settlement | Analysis | Display

Crown condition, tree health, tree height determinations, mapping opportunities, water monitoring, surveying & documenting environmental changes …. The economic land use must always adapt to new demands. . Using drones, tasks can often be completed efficiently, accurately, and in a way that minimizes the use of resources.

WaldCursor simplifies and streamlines the handling of drone flights. We support the use drones and drone data by

  • organizing the flights
  • analyzing the data
  • presentation of results

Contact us if we can assist you with a WaldCursor account to manage and analyze aerial drone imagery of your parcels.

Or contact us to see if we can help you as a drone provider.

Basic Maps

The best way for managing localized areal projects is visualizing on maps. To visualize your action items and projects, various preinstalled maps are available in your WaldCursor account from the very beginning.

Another service to streamline you planning is our TWC Market Place. The federal structures of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland result in numerous laws and regulations concerning forestry and the environment that must be taken into account depending on the specific location of each project. The TWC Marketplace displays state forest and environmental laws currently effective in each respective county. Simply click on the turquoise dots to access to the corresponding links.


The filter button allows you to customize the display on both the office computer and mobile device to match your current plans and tasks.